Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Demand

Statesman's Speak

Photo 1 Every academic institution and R&D Organisation is a reservoir of knowledge. Technology will also spin off to societal products which are cost effective, high-quality and available to the people in time. Thrust is required in Nano science and biotechnology to achieve leadership in these areas in the coming decade. The scientists and technologists must undertake a health mission “Let my brain remove the pain”. The scientific community must realize that the competitiveness can come only by integrated mission driven programmes partnered by academy, R&D organisation and industry.

- Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Hon’ble President’s address to the Nation on the eve of 55th Republic Day - 2004

Photo 1 America's growing economy is also a changing economy. As technology transforms the way almost every job is done, America becomes more productive, and workers need new skills. Much of our job growth will be found in high-skilled fields like health care and biotechnology. The field of biotechnology is important to the quality of our lives, the protection of our environment, and the strength of our economy. My administration is committed to working with your industry so that the great powers of biotechnology can serve the true interests of our nation and mankind.

- George W. Bush, President of USA

Photo 1 The science of biotechnology is likely to be, to the first half of the 21st Century, what the computer was to the second half of the 20th Century. Biotechnology is the next wave of the knowledge economy, and I want Britain to become its European hub. This is an industry whose market in Europe alone is expected to be worth over US$ 100 billion by 2005. The number of people employed in biotech and associated companies, as well as those whose work will depend on biotech applications, could be as high as 3 million, as we catch up with the US industry - currently 8 times the size of Europe's.

- Tony Blair, Prime Minister of UK

Corporate Speak

Photo 1 Like software, biotechnology will change the world. I expect to see breathtaking advances in medicine over the next two decades, and biotechnology researchers and companies will be at the center of that progress. I'm a big believer in information technology and the way it is revolutionizing how people work, play and learn. But it's hard to argue that the emerging medical revolution, spearheaded by the biotechnology industry, is any less important to the future of humankind. It, too, will empower people and raise the standard of living.

- Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation USA

Photo 1 There are no ifs and buts in this Biotechnology mission : India must emerge as a Bio-power in the foreseeable future. I foresee enormous and exciting prospects for the biotechnology sector soon. There is a huge opportunity for software capability to be translated into the bioinformatics space.The biotechnology industry in India holds a $9 billion market potential by 2010 across various industry segments, given the huge knowledge pool, a vibrant pharmaceutical industry and rich biodiversity that the country is showing.

- Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon India Limited

Photo 1 Biotech will see explosive growth. The Indian biotech business is set to see exponential growth and reach the level of $1.5 billion by 2007 from the present $150 million.

- Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Photo 1 The field of bioinformatics is considered to be a huge global opportunity and is expected to create the most excitement for our infotech industry. Already some of the larger software and services organizations have taken very firm steps to enter this arena. Activity in fact is expected to increase over the next few years, with a number of these companies rolling out their solutions or services for the worldwide bioinformatics market.

- Kiran Karnik, President, National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)

Photo 1 The company says its life sciences division is its fastest-growing unit. Buoyed by the rapid strides, IBM has now more than doubled the investments in the division and has over 1,000 employees in the unit.

- International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Photo 1 Life sciences companies are just beginning to discover the power of IT, and Sun is the partner of choice to lead this industry transformation - from developing best-in-class solutions that help speed product discovery, to enterprise solutions that streamline corporate functions.

- Sun Microsystems

Photo 1 The software bellweather's foray into the field of bioinformatics and life sciences was revealed in August 2002, when Infosys opened its life sciences division.

- Infosys

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