RSMT Advantage

Knowledge & Character World Class Competence Program

Industry Focused Knowledge Competence: RSMT is well known for setting high education standards and enriching human values. RSMT students attain competence with a futuristic vision, which make them ready for high valued jobs. Learning new skills and upgrading the existing ones is vital in today's technology driven and competitive business environment. RSMT recognizes the need of this changing environment and the necessity to generate innovative and successful responses to the changing conditions. RSMT is proactive and alert to the global trends. We produce competent professional for successful career in emerging areas.
Indispensable Character Competence: RSMT students have the leading edge of Morality, Ethics, Integrity & Values Education which make them Dependable in Family & Job - Ready for Life Long Personal & Professional Happiness. The character competence program is designed to integrate academics with education on values, morality, ethics and integrity, which makes RSMT a distinguished Institute that empowers individuals with a very high level of social and personal competence.

Radiance World Class Environment Program

Corporate Culture Education: RSMT train students in Corporate Culture focusing on Interpersonal skills, English & Foreign Language Communication skills & Professionalism to fit in world class environment.
Personality Management Education: RSMT lays a great emphasis on overall personality development of the students. Dale Carnegia, NV Peale & N Hill Personality Management Education transforms every RSMT student into a Dynamic Personality who always thinks right, does right and lives right.

Mission 24 x 7

The Mission 24 x 7 energizes every RSMT student to get focused on career goals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We make a determined and spirited effort to achieve an ambition which is truly ambitious. We challenge our limits and are committed to achieve success beyond the obvious. Time management is life management and at RSMT we manage it 24 x 7.

Exploring Leadership Program

Leadership development is vital because organizations take on the personality of their leaders. Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony. RSMT empower students with Leadership skills through the Exploring Leadership Program. The objective is to strengthen communities and the democratic process by preparing individuals for effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena. We aim to produce the next generation of dynamic leaders who will significantly contribute to build a modern and a global India. Our graduates will bring the world around to their way of thinking.

RSMT Cultural Grid

Academic life in RSMT goes beyond the curriculum. Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the education system. A vibrant students association runs a busy calendar of academic, social, sporting and cultural activity. Our students attain professional thrust by going beyond class room learning.

RSMT Electronic Journal – “RSMT Times”

“RSMT Times” is a quarterly electronic journal, published on the Internet with contributions from Senior Academicians, Industry Experts and RSMT students. The journal features Global Technology Trends, Business & Job Hunting Information, Campus Flash and Personality Profiling.

Albert Einstein Award

Meritorious students are awarded the Albert Einstein Award every year.

Placement & Training

RSMT has a full fledged Placement & Training cell to assist the students in getting suitable placements. The Institute has developed sturdy placement networks among blue chip companies in India and abroad. Placement workshops are an integral part of our placement programmes. The RSMT Placement Cell interface with the Industry, the Government and the leading national and international placement consultants. Our strength is extensive industry interaction. The training & placement cell offers Job Enabler Training for meeting national and global knowledge and skill requirements for high valued jobs. Very few Institutes in the country offer such training, in addition to the academic curriculum. The students go through a demanding and dynamic education amidst a blend of relevant content with a global perspective. Our academic system is designed to build the professional competence in you and make you an attractive catch for employers. We train you to demonstrate your values and the highest professional standards as soon as you start working. Special training on Personality Development, Communication Skills, Creative Thinking, Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship Development is imparted to ensure that the students become an employer's delight. RSMT students stand out in terms of Professional Competence, Communication Skills, Outstanding Leadership Qualities, Personal Integrity & overall persona. What makes RSMT special, is the way we work together with you to achieve your goals. RSMT believe you deserve a career, not just a job.

Personal Care

RSMT is a caring community. Personal Care Cell is constituted to maintain the human dimension to our learning environment and maintain regular one to one interaction between the teachers and the taught. You will have a personal mentor who will support you through study, home or personal difficulties. Every student is led by a mentor, who checks the academic progress of the student and provide necessary feedback and support. If you are a student with additional needs you will find our approach positive. We treat our students with respect and care. We have a real interest in your success.


To help the students sharpen the presentation skills, seminars are organized to make presentation for every project in every semester. The seminars are conducted to create an interface between the students, professor and working professionals from industry. This facilitate the students gain a new insight into the subject, develop a practical orientation and enhance their understanding of the topics covered.


The library is fully equipped with wide range of books and CD's, which covers the entire gamut of the curriculum. The library also provides newspapers, journals, periodicals and magazines on Information Technology, Management and other subjects to keep students abreast about the latest developments in Technology and Management.

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